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Word Slide with New Dictionary

Very excited about the new patch to Word Slide & Find in the app store.

We used to use the built in dictionary that comes with iOS, but as of iOS6 that dictionary was REALLLLLYY SSSLLLLOOOOOWWWWW. It appears to be missing completely from iOS7, so we made our move.

The new version replaces the old dictionary with a new one, and as a result all versions of the game run fast now, as it was originally intended. I think this is the best game we make, and now it really is (again).

As a side note – that was the fastest review EVER!!!! Submitted on Tuesday approved and for sale by Thursday! Sweet!

So if you want to see what all the fuss is about download it right away, play it, and then see how the update is way better!



Over 10,000 active users!

I checked our update stats since we released our iOS6 updates and found over 10,000 updates! I interpret that to mean that at least 10,000 downloads of our apps have remained on people’s devices.

There may be 10 thousand people playing our games on a given day. That feels pretty good. I hope you are enjoying our work, and send us bugs and feature requests so we can grow that number.

Although we have nothing in the hopper in the short term, we are patching our apps as needed, and thinking about what we will build next. We may build another game, but more likely will build a meeting productivity app. Stay Tuned…

iOS 6 – More means less

Just a brief update from App land here in Calgary. iOS 6 lands today for the public, so I can give you my impressions as a developer.

Now it’s important to note that I’m not a full time developer as regular readers well know. We have a stable set of games out there for iOS, and we quickly tested our most popular ones last week to make sure they worked. Since everything was hunky-dorey in the simulators I turned our time to other interests, like the web development textbook I’m co-authoring.

What we we weren’t prepared for was the slow dictionary performance in Word Slide :( The game is now a little less responsive due to dictionary lookup issues. How do I know this? Well A Word Theme, is essentially the same code base, except for the dictionary usage. Holding a word in Word Theme is lightening fast as it should be while Word Slide’s performance has degraded.

Next we come to our other games. Thankfully most of them work on the new iOS6 as is, so we can relax for the most part. Rafter’s Loot though is another issue. It’s whitescreening right now, and that forces me to choose: Do I stop supporting the game altogether,  or do I invest x hours into fixing it, to continue earning a trickle of cash that will work out to less than minimum wage for my efforts?

The deciding factor was that we are currently advertising Rafter’s Loot it in our other games. I’d have to patch the existing (perfectly fine) games to remove the ad as well as not support it. The efforts to do that would undoubtedly take as long, and the end result would be 1 less sku.

So, with the rest of Calgary drifting off to bed with dreams of Kofi Annan in their head, I am looking down the barrel of a long night, all to squeeze out a little more money for my family, until some better way support them comes along (maybe Blackberry 10?, Maybe my upcoming textbook?, maybe a rich benefactor?)

More “features” and form factors for you means less sleep for me :)





A Word Theme Available Now!

Our latest game A Word Theme is available now in the App Store.

Like Jewel Slide and Word Slide & Find, this one is build using our sliding game mechanic. This time you are given a puzzle topic and must find all the words that match that theme with all the letters scrambled. You should see updates for those two games and CryptoQuip n the coming week.

We’re working on Land Slide right now, a game that using the same sliding mechanic in a territory /settler style game, but are thrilled to see A Word Theme approved!

Happy Gaming!

Word Slide and Find

Word Slide and Find has been released!

Word Slide is the game where you are presented with a square full of tiles, and have to rearrange them by sliding the rows or columns. When you’ve made a word simply hold your finger on any letter and the word will be scored, and removed. If the letter is in two words you get a bonus.

This release is the culmination of a lot of work over the last months, and I seriously appreciate the efforts of anyone who helps promote this new release!




Jewel Slide Updated – Word Slide coming soon…

Jewel Slide has just been updated in the app store!

We fixed up a few bugs, cleared up some space, and touched up the levels a bit. We also changed a few artwork pieces, like the icons and the pearls. In my unbiased opinion this is the best bejeweled type jewel sliding matching game I’ve ever played.

The more exciting corollary, is that all those bugs and improvement will also be in for the Word Slide launch. Word Slide was the original game idea where you find words in a grid, but before testing the more complicated word finding algorithms, we wanted to build a simpler version of the game, which instead of words, would find matching row and columns of jewels. Jewel Slide is that actually quite a fun game, and “Word Slide & Find”, using similar mechanisms is on it’s way soon!