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2012 Holiday App Ideas

Every year at this time, people are frantically looking for fun games to relax with over the holiday. We here at Surje aim to please and are summarizing some of our best Holiday games for the season.

Santa's Loot IconSanta’s Loot is a Free physics based game where you collect gifts on Santa’s sled. This will be the 2nd year that Santa’s Loot is available for download on your iOS device and it’s better than ever. We’ve updated it to work on iPhone5 and we hope you enjoy balancing those gifts.

CryptoQuip IconFor those of us less interested in Santa themed games I want to recommend our best selling word Games CryptoQuip and CryptoQuip Free. Like the newspaper puzzle, you have to solve a puzzle where each letter is replaced with another. Unlike the newspaper though you drag the letters, matches are filled in automatically and the quotes can easily be tweeted.

Finally I suggest the very original and my favorite game Word Slide. In this game you are given a grid full of letters and you slide then both directions to spell words. since we use the built in dictionary there are thousands and thousands of valid words. Make 2 at a time to get bonus multipliers. It’s a real look into your own psyche, since the world you see won’t be the same as the words someone else does…

All these games and our others are a mental word puzzle work out, and are updated for iOS6 and the newest iPhone, if you’re lucky enough to get one over the holidays. We hope everyone enjoys some well earned relaxation over the holidays, hopefully with one of our games in hand :)


Happy Stampede

So I’ve been busy the last little while, and I haven’t updated. Now that I’m on vacation from my job for the summer it’s nice to sit around with the family, doing fun outdoorsy type stuff. I’m just not sure you want to hear about it. Watched the Calgary Stampede Parade today on TV, for example.

But as we relax and play we thought of a third game to use the Word Slide and Jewel Slide framework. Called A Word Theme, this game will be similar to Word Slide and Find except you will have to find words that match a theme, rather than all alphabet words. The hard part is making levels in terms of total time. The game’s at least a week or two away, but I thoughts I update you all on what’s happening.

As an example:

A theme of “welcome words” might require you to find words like hello, hi , etc… We’re working on some good ones as I speak. I don’t want to give too many away.

Anyhow have a great stampede, and I hope to be posting again soon about the newly released game.