Star Chase

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Take control of the universe in your hands by building and destroying solar systems.

Star chase is the space themed game designed for the iPad which lets you build and destroy planets while fighting the forces of gravity. Unlike many space themed games, you don’t control a spaceship, you control the planets themselves! This game is built on a high quality physics engine so your orbits, collisions and throws are all realistic and intuitive.

Once you fling your planets into orbit, you can adjust them by tilting your iPhone or iPad… but be careful the sun is always dragging everything towards it.

Navigate several solar systems, each with multiple levels. Each level has a variety of strategic objectives you have to meet while fighting gravity, obstacles and the clock. Every level is replayable!

There are rocky planets, gas giants, water worlds, habitable planets, different types of stars, a black hole, and moons which are created when planets smash together!

With Game Center high scores you can see how your solar systems stack up with friends, or unplug completely and play offline.

We hope you enjoy star chase.


- universal binary – play on any iOS device.
- high quality graphics for iPad and retina displays
- unlimited replayability
- gamecenter high scores
- intuitive sling and tilt controls
- accurate gravitational physics
- bonus and penalty items
- auto-calibration of tilt so you can play in multiple positions
- ability to disable auto-calibrate so you can ignore your starting orientation.


Star Chase has been around longer than the earth planet of which you are a citizen. It began as a simple children’s game to see who could get various rocks and chunks of space debris to orbit closest to newly formed stars. Once life started sprouting up on planets thrown into habitable zones the rules expanded to include the planet types, bonuses and objectives you see in this “game”. This simulator you are piloting is not currently connected to real planets, but in the bi-millenial intergalactic star chase these simulators are attached to real planets. The participants in those games are selected based on the high scores in this game (and of course pan-galactic politics). Welcome to the world of Star Chase!

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