Santa’s Loot

Santa's Loot Iconavailable on the app store

Santa’s Loot is the fun game where you control Santa’s sled on the snow and ice to collect as much Christmas loot as you can!

Gifts, ornaments and Christmas jewels are all falling, and you control Santa’s sled by touching the arrows on either side of the screen. Get 3 similar pieces touching and they disappear for points. Balance as much loot on the sled as you can to get a high score! Watch our for the coal, and don’t let your stack of presents fall into the snowy banks.

We hope you enjoy Santa’s Loot as much as we enjoyed building it.


* universal binary – play on any iOS device.
* high quality graphics for iPad and retina displays
* unlimited replayability
* gamecenter high scores
* accurate physics
* fun and diverse set of scenes and items.

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