Robert’s Rules Pocket App

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Never again be confused and frustrated by motions, amendments, points of order and the like. With this pocket guide to Robert’s Rules you will soon be the envy of your peers as you master the rules of order.

This pocket guide includes a table of motions, with a modern summary of the rules, their precedence, and an intuitive interface to help you master parliamentary procedure.

Included in the app is a fully linked 1915 (4th edition) of Robert’s Rules of Order so you can cross reference your quick study guide with in depth knowledge from the 1915 text.

Robert’s Rules of order is used throughout the world in corporations, associations, parliaments and more to help provide order to the deliberative process.

This app is built to the highest standards with intuitive retina graphics and the full text zoomable and clickable.

Working with a university professor who uses Robert’s rules on a daily basis we have built this app. We appreciate your feedback, and are always looking for ways to improve our Robert’s Rules Pocket Guide.