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Word Slide with New Dictionary

Very excited about the new patch to Word Slide & Find in the app store.

We used to use the built in dictionary that comes with iOS, but as of iOS6 that dictionary was REALLLLLYY SSSLLLLOOOOOWWWWW. It appears to be missing completely from iOS7, so we made our move.

The new version replaces the old dictionary with a new one, and as a result all versions of the game run fast now, as it was originally intended. I think this is the best game we make, and now it really is (again).

As a side note – that was the fastest review EVER!!!! Submitted on Tuesday approved and for sale by Thursday! Sweet!

So if you want to see what all the fuss is about download it right away, play it, and then see how the update is way better!



2012 Holiday App Ideas

Every year at this time, people are frantically looking for fun games to relax with over the holiday. We here at Surje aim to please and are summarizing some of our best Holiday games for the season.

Santa's Loot IconSanta’s Loot is a Free physics based game where you collect gifts on Santa’s sled. This will be the 2nd year that Santa’s Loot is available for download on your iOS device and it’s better than ever. We’ve updated it to work on iPhone5 and we hope you enjoy balancing those gifts.

CryptoQuip IconFor those of us less interested in Santa themed games I want to recommend our best selling word Games CryptoQuip and CryptoQuip Free. Like the newspaper puzzle, you have to solve a puzzle where each letter is replaced with another. Unlike the newspaper though you drag the letters, matches are filled in automatically and the quotes can easily be tweeted.

Finally I suggest the very original and my favorite game Word Slide. In this game you are given a grid full of letters and you slide then both directions to spell words. since we use the built in dictionary there are thousands and thousands of valid words. Make 2 at a time to get bonus multipliers. It’s a real look into your own psyche, since the world you see won’t be the same as the words someone else does…

All these games and our others are a mental word puzzle work out, and are updated for iOS6 and the newest iPhone, if you’re lucky enough to get one over the holidays. We hope everyone enjoys some well earned relaxation over the holidays, hopefully with one of our games in hand :)


A Word Theme Available Now!

Our latest game A Word Theme is available now in the App Store.

Like Jewel Slide and Word Slide & Find, this one is build using our sliding game mechanic. This time you are given a puzzle topic and must find all the words that match that theme with all the letters scrambled. You should see updates for those two games and CryptoQuip n the coming week.

We’re working on Land Slide right now, a game that using the same sliding mechanic in a territory /settler style game, but are thrilled to see A Word Theme approved!

Happy Gaming!

Star chase available in 5 languages!

Apple has approved our update to Star Chase, so now you can play it in your favorite language.

The app is now playable in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and of course English. More importantly it is now relatively easy to port to more languages, depending of course on how impactful this effort was to our sales.

If you have a request to port one of our games , please use our suggestion form, and have fun building the universe in your favorite language.

Internationalization and localization

We’ve noticed many of the people playing star chase and rafters loot hail from countries that don’t speak English.

Given its also the next topic of my advanced programming course as well, we’re working on additional language support for star chase and then rafters loot.

Probably start with English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish but should get Mandarin and Arabic if we really want to target the world.

Stay tuned…

Free Holiday Games for iPad & iPhone

We are pleased to announce the launch of a free holiday game for iPad and iPhone called Santa’s Loot.

You control Santa’s Sled across the snow and try to catch as many falling gifts and ornaments as possible! With a real physics engine controlling how the objects fall and stack it’s a fun and challenging way to spend some down time this holiday season.

Santa's Loot Iconavailable on the app store


iOS 5 updates

So with our new phones in hand we quickly realized we had some bugs across all our free apps on the updated iOS 5.0. In particular, a white box showed up on launch until the 1st ad was served. Small bug, but definitely worth fixing. With no other bugs identified, we went ahead and updated all our apps with ads, and starting late yesterday Apple started reviewing them.


Star Chase Free was the 1st to be approved, and we’re hoping to have them all ready for sale real soon.

Otherwise not much more to mention around here. We plan to relax on rememberance day tomorrow, hopefully to be notified throughout the day of all our apps getting approved!





CryptoQuip Puzzle Packs Bought – Evidence of Happy Players ?

So when we added in app purchase of puzzle packs to CryptoQuip and CryptoQuip Free a week ago we had no good way of guessing how many people would pick one up. Would they at all?

Well it’s been a week and I’m happy to announce we’ve sold some puzzle packs. The screenshot below is from the free version on the app store. As you can see both 99c and 4.99 packs are selling. It’s really a vote of confidence to have know someone wants to play our game 1000 times and maybe more!

Screen shot of our in app purchases in the app store

I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who enjoys and plays CryptoQuip.



CryptoQuip Free Approved For Sale!

Let me start by saying, yes, the latest version of CryptoQuip Free has been approved for sale by Apple!

The interesting part is as follows… CryptoQuip free was the 1st to go into review, but the non-free version was the first to get approved (yesterday). We started to wonder if perhaps Apple would not approve the free version, or would request we add the ability to remove ads or something. We are thrilled that our app and the in app purchases for additional puzzle packs was approved (in time for the weekend too).

Now we just sit back and wait for existing customers to buy packs of puzzles, which should be a positive thing, because if you play through all the games and want more, you obviously like the gameplay enough to invest more time and money into it.


CryptoQuip 1.4 Ready for Sale

So the latest version of CryptoQuip has been approved. this one has in-app purchases, so you can buy more puzzle packs once you finish the included 150.

I’m including a free code here for the 1st person to log in and redeem it!


Things are getting hectic around here as I’m getting into the swing of things at my full time job at MRU. This semester I’m developing a new course that will run starting this Winter 2012 where students will program apps for iOS using Objective-C! I’m really excited to see what students will build!

I’ll be back to tell you if/when the Free version gets approved…