Surje Software Solutions is incorporated in Canada and is currently based near Toronto, Ontario. We offer our services for web development and consulting on a contract basis and create apps and games for mobile devices and tablets. Our latest games are available on the iTunes App Store.

Rafters Loot and the holiday spin-off Santa’s Loot are fun physics games. Compete for high score against yourself or friends in Game Center. Both games are free to download and play with the in-app option to remove ads. Great fun for kids and commuters alike; we think anyone who likes Angry Birds would love Rafters Loot.

Our classic CryptoQuip and the newly inspired Crypto Scripture are challenging puzzles with a fun exploration of quotes from famous literature and persons.

A Word Theme and Word Slide and Find are fun word puzzle games, quick to learn and addictive to play. Try Jewel Slide as well.

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