We are a small software studio with over 20 years of developer experience building apps and games. We enjoy building Augmented Reality, physics and word games, and look forward to improving and building new things.

Augmented Reality is amazing to work in. Having people pick up an app and actually say wow, and laugh out loud about their experiences makes us confident in this path for the future of gaming and apps.  We started out with Ice Cream AR as a proof of concept game that’s really fun casual came. We built Fragment Reality, the AR musical instrument experience, and TelePic Portal to experience your photos in AR. We hope to bring you many improvements with iOS12, and new experiences.

Our word games are great ways to test your mind and have fun doing it. Our experience with development means you get rock solid games that are easy to play and good value. We create great version of popular games like CryptoQuip, and created our own suite of word tile sliding games with Word Slide and Find and A Word Theme.

We do have ads, but nothing that drives users away, and we always allow you the option of turning them off.